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Secret To the 10 Second Miracle

February 24, 2010 by James William Munn  
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I have jumped into Neothink a few times already. It is one of the most indescrible feelings of my life. I will provide you fellow brothers and sisters with my insight to this expirence. I am only a second level apprentice, and I am not afraid to say I may be wrong. If all of us are value creators by nature it serves us to realize with trainning, study, and good mentors we can become unstoppabble immortals. We must also realize that untill now, we have created our current lives as they are, and must realize and recognize we were trained by value sustainers and destroyers. They want only to maintain their lifestyles and keep us in our routine rut “rat race”. They have controlled our thinking from the time we attended kindergarden and have trained us to fail, not to succeed, to not think and just do, this leads us to stagnation and a feeling of loss, the loss of our child of the past. We now have new knowledge to change this. The ten second miracle is, within all of us is the power to change our circumstances no matter what our current situation we are responsable for everything we have created thus far in our lives. What have you or I created so far? We can become value creators that distroy e.i. misery, pain, suffering, and sorrow or we can become value creators that build e.i. hope, abundance, love, happiness, joy, ect. ect. I don’t know about you but I want to build, to be teachable, to have, not lack. We have so much here to explore, to see, do, feel, and because of misticism we cut short our opportunities by cutting our lives short. Take time to think about where you want to be versus where you are, this will allow you to dream the way you did as a child, my rule is think about what makes you the happiest and keep doing it untill you get there.

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3 Responses to “Secret To the 10 Second Miracle”
  1. Florence says:

    Send me details on the secret society 10 second miracle please.Thanks


  2. Thanks Mr Mark Hamilton, never had a father-like figure Mentor, my mother was my Humanbeing Mentor until she pass away 27 years ago, she brought me to United States from my country of birth Trinidad at the young age of 20 years old, I struggle with my family with one career job for over 30 years, which I love doing over the years. Today I am tired, bored & broke and look to the year 2015 and many years to come for love, happiness, success, good health & wealth with your help being my Mentor. Thanks.

  3. Been trying to reconnect with the secret society for some time now, they contacted me years ago and I wasn’t in a secure state to adequately respond. I remember my then mentors name to be Sean McDermott, and only now thought to look up the 10 second miracle mentioned then as well. Not sure where to go from here but can say it’s good to scratch a surface finally…

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