Sunday, March 26, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

Level 2 Meeting

This is Fantastic Mr. Hamilton. I had an Idea that the 10 Second Miracle was like you explain it in the Level two meeting. But an Idea is one thin and being sure is another. This is the second time that I see the level two meeting and I’m motivated to move again making 10 second miracle. I don’t know were the money is going to come from... [Read more...]

ten second miracle

I have to say this kind of information you wont get any where else. Enjoyed learning from your examples of the ten second miracles. Yourself as a young dishwasher and Mr. Nash. Looking forward to next level meeting.  Read More →

Level 2

Lieber Herr Hamilton,lieber Mentor, zur Unsterblichkeitsformel von Herrn Wallace (ich habe Ihn verehrt-mein erster Kontakt zu Neothink).Um Ihn habe ich geweint.Natürlich möchte ich das heutige Wissen darüber unbedingt lernen.Nur–ich kann den Laptop noch nicht richtig bedienen–noch kenne ich diese tollen Programme–noch kann ich English. Ich... [Read more...]


As far as level-two goes, it is interesting that working with the numbers is key to the Ten Second Miracles. I have been working with numbers all of my adult life. Now all I have to do, is figure out witch numbers are the important ones. As far as the Friday=Night Essence goes, I try doing every thing I can at work. As far as I can figure out, I am... [Read more...]


This is my second try to leave a message. I do not know if I am doing this right. It is interesting that numbers are key to the Ten-Second Miracles. I work with numbers all of the time. I will just have to figure out witch numbers are the important ones. I think I am close to my Friday-Night Essence. I do not consider my job to be a stagnant routine... [Read more...]

Ten second miracle

My grandparents had no idea all of this existed they weren’t even thinking that there was something else out there from a young age I knew an was always looking. I didn’t know about neothink neo-supe…super puzzle …Truly didn’t know that I was born to create that my essence as a human being is to create…and that I... [Read more...]

Ten second miracle

Gm to you MH I know you are a wise man most of what you wrote is like a parable… if we pay close attention and follow your lead the puzzle will snap togather, the three gentlemen break it down for me and gave me a better understanding of the ten second miracle Now that I know I was born to create and I can create values for myself for my family... [Read more...]


Hi Mark, I guess I feel a bit better now that the meeting expalined the Ten Second Miracle in greater detail with Nash, and your example. From what I got, the TSM is the integration just as in everything (literature communication) I recieved from the Society were Value Creation steming from those TSM’s while ultimately playing at life… Great... [Read more...]

10 second miracle

Now that I’ve started my neothink journey I’m starting to realize the very techniques and abilities I have are neo think, I’ve been using my Friday night essence and my 10 second miracle all the while without realizing the gift that I had now that mark is explaining these wonder qualities I possess I am excited to learn more and also... [Read more...]

level 2 integration

Dear Mark It was April of 2010 when I joined the society. At the end of the year, hard times fell upon me. I couldn’t even buy a job. This seems to be a happening since my Brain Aneurysm in 2001. Anyway I figured I could still use the info I had learned through the books and lessons. I wanted to erase my credit card debt. I now own my own home... [Read more...]

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