Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

Level 2 Meeting

Hi Mark Hamilton, I don’t know why this is saying level 1, I just had a level 2 meeting. So anyway I enjoyed our meeting today. the light bulb actually went off today. I see My FNE and my TSM Now I just need to apply it. MIT is showing me that yes I am alive. I did get a spark today in finding my FNE. I always have made things so much harder for... [Read more...]

integration for Level 2 re Playing with children

I was amazed while watching my daughter in law playing with her second child, age 5. I realized that she was doing what Mark Hamilton called, “playing with your children.” I had never had the opportunity to practice playing in that way with my children, but made some feeble attempts to do what I thought would help them as adults. I can see... [Read more...]

third times a charm

hi there, I’ll make this short an sweet loved level #2 I seem to have gotten my fne down pretty well loaded with more than I can really handle at this point in time but who’s complaining I got ideas popping out daily but I am still in need of more business sense I got the multi million idea just no MONEY power LEAGLE aid and neo-sense to... [Read more...]

10 second miracles…

Finding that 10 second miracles are made with the discovery of the Friday night essence. My 10 second miracle happened yesterday while I was doing some tweaking to one of my earliest projects. I added something innovative and it now makes a world of difference!…  Read More →

Ten second miracle

To reiterate the ten second miracle after further review, I found that these miracles are the integrations we make with the knowledge and tools that are before us at the present time…  Read More →

10-second miracles

Surprising that 10-second miracles aren’t actually something you can do, but something that might or might not happen! I think about them as similar to epiphanies or realizations that occur when you apply systems thinking — — or the engineering mindset — [Read more...]

FNE and 10 sec

Thank you Mark Hamilton! Hi Everyone, I’m hoping that you are as excited as I am about finding your FNE. I found out long ago that I loved building and structuring businesses, but until the FNE and 10 sec Miracles was revealed to me I had no idea that this was something I should fully pursue. Like most people I needed my job for income and had... [Read more...]


Realizing that I have a big breakthrough thanks to you. I am a note taker, and I have been re-reading a lot and focusing on getting my FNE into motion. I also sit and take in all that your teachings, and get light bulbs gong on in my brain. The puzzle pieces. I need to stay focused on this and push myself. I don’t want to be stagnate. I don’t... [Read more...]

FNE & 10 sec Miracles

Fascinating! I’m beginning to feel something stirring inside wanting to erupt, but it’s just a minor rumbling at the moment. I’m not sure I’ve found my FNE or ever experienced a 10 SM. I’m self-employed as a college planning advisor. I understand THAT numbers are important and often understand HOW and WHY they are important,... [Read more...]

I am Here…Value Creator….Shocked…

Mr. Hamilton…Thank you very much. I was tired of my life, last 10-12 years. I started an organization. I am a volunteer, now looking for Grants. I have solved many socio-economic…mental health problems…in my company. I now seek to expand, in the USA & Worldwide…I need your help…I am glad you found me…I am a visionary…many... [Read more...]

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