Sunday, October 22, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

Finding Your Friday-Night Essence Exercise

Another simple, but effective method in finding your FNE: 1. Sit by yourself in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Relax completely. Imagine your life with the following attributes: You are fabulously wealthy, live in a large beautiful home with all the luxurious amenities you could fathom, you have a wondrous spouse and... [Read more...]


Thank You, very much…I appreciate your mentorship, something I never had. Thank you for the eye opener of who we truly are. CREATOR, A VALUE CREATOR It is something I must now begin to process. Thank you for your guidance. to see through the essence of being creative. to play , to be what I was meant to be which is to create as an adult to play I... [Read more...]

Marketing Your FNE Results

I’ve already created my own company as a result of one mini-FNE (my large one needs major financing). I wish I had read these books many years ago — I love the thoughtfulness and insights into value creation — thank you so much, Mark Hamilton. I attended my first Club House Meeting Sunday in Chicago (it was a 12-hour round-trip drive... [Read more...]

Moving On

Thank you MH, having gone thru the level 2 training and learning those two powerful tools has helped me tremendously. I will go back and review this information many times in the coming month. I haven’t found my FNE yet, but lesson 2 has eased my anxiety about this. Looking forward to becoming active in the society website also. Problems with... [Read more...]

Level Two Meeting Integration

Thank you Mark. Your writings are always motivating. The Ten-Second Miracle is very powerful. I think I may have experienced them before without knowing what it was. Most recently I was working on a project for a client who wanted to upgrade an older building to be Zero Net Energy. We knew that geothermal and solar could provide much of the energy needed,... [Read more...]

Life just get better

Sience I got my fourth book and started applying every thing that I have been reading thing are going my way for a change. Before every thing was just out of reach but now I actual can reach out and touch the future that I have worked so hard to achive. Thanks to the tools that I have discovered in the teachings of Mark Hamiltion.  Read More →

My FNE ,Gives me a kind of happiness

I am a Health and life, licensed Insurance Agent , with a extensive background in the medical Field. For the pass 2 years I sold Health Insurance but never have the urge to sell Life Insurance; I walked away from the Insurance field in 02/28/2017 and was thinking of returning to the Medical Field, however several Insurance Companies tried to recruit... [Read more...]

10 second rule

I am not very computer savy and could not continue with the second secret meeting. for your information  Read More →

Value Creation has been the essence of more then Fridays

Thinking, A fabulous ability. Creativity is the “coolest” thing ever. Being assaulted and essentially held captive as a child certainly prevents evolving goodness with that of self defense. A means to live with terrible reality and after effects. A form of life I, knew from the word go, was not meant for me. My life story, being told, Is... [Read more...]

Value Creation and the Next Mentality

As I absorbed the information from the level 2 meeting, I am encouraged early on by a sense that this is truly a remarkable journey. The power of numbers is an awesome tool, and I have begun to use project curiosity at work to evolve my work experience as well and I feel inspired by all of this.  Read More →

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