Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

Level 2, OCTOBER 16, 2016

After reading information on 10 Second Miracles, I reaIzed I have not Perform one Since the end of 2013.. When I contacted a friend. from my past,I started to slowly regain my strength and determation to fiind more about my family gifts. Currenntlly orchestring 10. second miracle at work and famiily… My number ONE rule, only nice thoughts must... [Read more...]


Dear MARK, I’ve been missing for a while , now I’m back on track to create values with in and together as ONE with Universe and above beyond! Brother MARK, Thank U for your KIND HEART, CONSCIOUS, AWARE, AS BRUTALLY HONEST TO YOURSELF-INTEGRATED SOUL! BALANCED AND ORGANIZED, ALIGNED WITH THE WISDOM OF EVERY FORM OF REALITY AS BEING THE EXAMPLE... [Read more...]

the person i was ment to be

When i was young i wanted to a country music star, maby that was my FNE at the time but it didn happen so now i think it might be being a creative thinker and helping who ever i can. I believe that reading all these books and all the comments and questions that i have seen ,i think that i might have had 10 secot mericals even when i was young and randomly... [Read more...]

level 2 integration.

I have always worked by the numbers, self employed remodeling and property owner and management. I am also employed by a railroad that used to give me enjoyment. What I have recently found was I had lost the fun in what I do. It has taken a couple of months the figure this out. I had to step back and find the whole puzzle i had originally developed.... [Read more...]


It’s interesting to note that actually before becoming involved with Neothink in July I had began integrated thinking and bringing in information in downloads. After digesting the Manuscript, Ms. Annabelle story, I went through a personal evolution reinventing myself completely. My thoughts were accelerated and I’m applying and working with... [Read more...]

I am floored!

After this session, I believe I’ve experienced a 10 second miracle already! I have a friend who shared a project he is currently working on and when he finished sharing with me what that was, things just started exploding in my mind. The best I can describe it is as seeing the beginning from the end! He’s a dear friend of mine and his invention... [Read more...]

Level 2 Meeting

Hi Mark Hamilton, I don’t know why this is saying level 1, I just had a level 2 meeting. So anyway I enjoyed our meeting today. the light bulb actually went off today. I see My FNE and my TSM Now I just need to apply it. MIT is showing me that yes I am alive. I did get a spark today in finding my FNE. I always have made things so much harder for... [Read more...]

integration for Level 2 re Playing with children

I was amazed while watching my daughter in law playing with her second child, age 5. I realized that she was doing what Mark Hamilton called, “playing with your children.” I had never had the opportunity to practice playing in that way with my children, but made some feeble attempts to do what I thought would help them as adults. I can see... [Read more...]

third times a charm

hi there, I’ll make this short an sweet loved level #2 I seem to have gotten my fne down pretty well loaded with more than I can really handle at this point in time but who’s complaining I got ideas popping out daily but I am still in need of more business sense I got the multi million idea just no MONEY power LEAGLE aid and neo-sense to... [Read more...]

10 second miracles…

Finding that 10 second miracles are made with the discovery of the Friday night essence. My 10 second miracle happened yesterday while I was doing some tweaking to one of my earliest projects. I added something innovative and it now makes a world of difference!…  Read More →

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