Monday, December 11, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

level 2 secret meeting

I caught a glimpse of what it would be like to being a value creator through the ten second miracle, “exhilirating” profoundly said Mark Hamilton, Thank you!  Read More →

Stay at Home Mother

Hi in applying the 10 second miracle through numbers with your place a work how does it apply to home makers. I do not work but do take care of my 5 year old son. How can apply these secrets this way. I also havent found friday night essence yet but with me is I cannot work i have a debilitating anxiety and depression issue. It deals with social issues.... [Read more...]

Level 2

Hi MH. Just got done with the meeting. I will apply that too my job im working at. I started working the system yes it is working. I been Supervisor for about a week. That was nice, telling myself it was a sign. Plus been getting my work done at average pace. But really looking at numbers to improve the department. Yes my boss been noticing me. Trying... [Read more...]

intergrations question

hi I already created projects by writing a book and screen plays. what I need is a financial backing to get the movies made and to promote my book. everyone loves my material but no one has made the effort to give me something in black and white. Netflix, ice cube, john singleton, are just a few people and company that have reached out to me but to... [Read more...]

It is getting better

Many thanks to Mark Hamiltion for letting me in on this experance that I have been on since I first started reading the first book and now I have a total of six books and it really has started changing my life for the better. Even tho I am now working in a deadend job by applying what I have learned to my everyday life I am finding that my luck ( if... [Read more...]


Finding my essence was easy for me; as a educator teaching is like second nature. Fostering knowledge in young minds is a powerful tool to have. I want to make sure their thought process is inline with ours. Teaching these young minds to see another way is very important to me. Helping them to become integrated thinkers, will help me to reach my goals... [Read more...]

Finding Your Friday-Night Essence

Discovering my Friday-Night Essence came to me pretty easily. I love creating things! Even as a child, I’ve always found passion in expressing myself through creativity. I’ve noticed the more a person knows about his or herself the easier they will find their FNE. Think about it? How can you possibly find your FNE if you don’t fully... [Read more...]

Finding Your Friday-Night Essence Exercise

Another simple, but effective method in finding your FNE: 1. Sit by yourself in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Relax completely. Imagine your life with the following attributes: You are fabulously wealthy, live in a large beautiful home with all the luxurious amenities you could fathom, you have a wondrous spouse and... [Read more...]


Thank You, very much…I appreciate your mentorship, something I never had. Thank you for the eye opener of who we truly are. CREATOR, A VALUE CREATOR It is something I must now begin to process. Thank you for your guidance. to see through the essence of being creative. to play , to be what I was meant to be which is to create as an adult to play I... [Read more...]

Marketing Your FNE Results

I’ve already created my own company as a result of one mini-FNE (my large one needs major financing). I wish I had read these books many years ago — I love the thoughtfulness and insights into value creation — thank you so much, Mark Hamilton. I attended my first Club House Meeting Sunday in Chicago (it was a 12-hour round-trip drive... [Read more...]

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