Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

real estate inspector/investor

Thank you Mark! The ten second miracle is to look at the numbers I’ve always heard the expression “take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves”. level two has taught me how to break down a business to see where the “pennies” are and to focus on how the business makes the pennies.  Read More →

Ten second Miracles /Empowered Miracle Moments

In applying the self-leader system/empowered self-leader system over nine years ago, I was able to go from homeless to now a homeowner, I started with a company making $8 an hour to now making over 40k with that same company; via a performance pay structure plan. started as a team member and I am now the Manger of Operations at a small food service... [Read more...]

On it

I’m on it, numbers numbers numbers  Read More →

Self leader

Hi I’m 26 about to be 27 and I have learn so much from Mrak Hamilton, hearinf and reading my Harlem packages is amazing. Thank you  Read More →

Numbers are Important

Thank you for the reminder to watch the numbers. I will be asking how to improve my numbers this month. Many times, we get busy with everything but the numbers. The numbers tell us if what we are doing is profitable and by how much. I will be watching the numbers this month and making reports to compare the numbers with previous months.  Read More →

CEO – The Parker Group

I discovered my Friday Night Essence of self directed investing several months ago, and I began applying the mini-day/power thinking team in earnest after the first secret meeting. The application of these Neothink integrations in my business resulted in more focus on the numerical details needed to do due diligence in evaluating potential investments.... [Read more...]

at age 83 retired.

Hi I still am not real clear about my FNE I live in an Apt with my sister who will be 80 soon, right after I turn 84. At a young age we were both put in a convent. We both wanted to have families of our own. I mentioned last month I am a walk in , my sister Clara who is living with me, is still the only person that has noticed any differences. None... [Read more...]

Level 2 ruminations

I find it interesting that much of what Mr. Hamilton spoke about in this meeting are things I have integrated into my life over the years without knowing about Neo-tech or those who are members of this society. I have experienced “10 second miracles” at many times through my working career, times when I have been working on one project or... [Read more...]

Ten second miracles

Hi I have been having Ten second Miracles since I read my first neotech material back in 2005, but I still do not have a FNE. Can it have something to do with me being Disabeld?  Read More →

Integrations of Level 2

I thought that it was very insightful, encouraging, and enlightening.  Read More →

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