Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

level two

hey mark I just went through level two the ten second miracle is great I find myself thinking about my job and not only that I catch myself looking at the world around me here lately and thinking of ways to make things better at my job or just out in town.some people don’t want change they don’t want to listen. how do you connect with them... [Read more...]

10 second miracle

Hello Mark I just have a question about the 10 second miracle. Is learning the method a way to get proper insight into all types of situations in life or is it mainly for business/financial purposes. I understand its not a magic trick to wealth and other prosperity so I’m just kind of wondering if it can be used to gain insight with anything?  Read More →

Level 2 Meeting

This meeting definitely gave me a new way to think about my workplace. I have been at my current job for almost a year now and it has been one of the hardest years of my life. I could only think about how tired I was and how badly I wanted a nap. It’s true that I have learned a lot of techniques since beginning the job, but I just couldn’t... [Read more...]

10 Second Miracle

Numbers have always facinated me, naturally! I never knew why, until I was introduce to this society. Many things makes sense, even from my childhood days. Now that I have the understanding of the 10 second miracle, I am confident that I will do great and mighty creations.  Read More →

Level two 10 second miracle.

I am glad that i have another way to value creation other than my FNE, the ten second miracle seems to be a much better way for me to become a value creator based on the way my mind already can see things, which is really simular to the ten second miracle anyways! I cant wait to be able to fully develop my ten second miracle and my fne, and see where... [Read more...]

10s miracle

this was an interesting session. I have experienced 10 second miracles in the past but feel it has been a while since I have really experienced one. I have managers who shoot down creative thinking and try to establish conformity, sometimes to illogical rules that they have created. I often times consider a career change. I have a degree in education... [Read more...]

Level 2; FNE, 10 Second Miracle

Charlie, I am retired, not working for any company. I have invested in rental real estate. I do not enjoy being an owner. As Mark said I will have to come back to this lesson to fully absorb it. I may have had 10 second miracles in the past with a Private Security company I worked for but supervisors did not take my ideas seriously. I do enjoy creating... [Read more...]

Level 2

Where do I find “The Formula to Biological Immortality” by Dr Frank Wallace?  Read More →

Level 2, OCTOBER 16, 2016

After reading information on 10 Second Miracles, I reaIzed I have not Perform one Since the end of 2013.. When I contacted a friend. from my past,I started to slowly regain my strength and determation to fiind more about my family gifts. Currenntlly orchestring 10. second miracle at work and famiily… My number ONE rule, only nice thoughts must... [Read more...]


Dear MARK, I’ve been missing for a while , now I’m back on track to create values with in and together as ONE with Universe and above beyond! Brother MARK, Thank U for your KIND HEART, CONSCIOUS, AWARE, AS BRUTALLY HONEST TO YOURSELF-INTEGRATED SOUL! BALANCED AND ORGANIZED, ALIGNED WITH THE WISDOM OF EVERY FORM OF REALITY AS BEING THE EXAMPLE... [Read more...]

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