Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 2 Meeting

Fri-Night Essence/Value Creation/Numbers

I worked at a Casino for most of my life. I started out working on the main casino floor keeping the public areas clean. I eventually worked my way up into Mgmt. Once in Management, I was always looking for ways to cut costs: such as labor, product usage, time it took for a particular task and so on. That’s the numbers side of my story. I often... [Read more...]

Level 2

I’m getting through all the manuscripts slowly but surely. I work nights and have 2 kids that take up most of my awake time in the afternoons. The more I read the more I realize that this is exactly were I’m supposed to be. I look forward to the next class and continue to expand my mind. Thanks for getting this information out to people like us.  Read More →


I’M hungry for all knowledge and would love to help , our world is headed in the wrong direction  Read More →

I’m excited!

Yes, I’m really getting into these presentations. The first on “Playing” is something that I have nearly always done. But, this second level meeting about the 10 second Miracle and using the numbers to get to the essence of finding value or profit through cost or time saving is a real eye opener! I’m going to start “playing” with this concept... [Read more...]


Hi Charlie and Mark, First, I am really looking forward to joining “The Group” and helping the NEOTHINK Society bring the world into the Civilization of the Universe. Next, I do have one question, I would like to know how to plug in the right side of my brain as described in The League Revelation Booklet Finally, I have a problem, I live... [Read more...]

Not quite there

I am not confused about the subject matter. In fact, being in the business world many years, I had revelations (miracles). My problem is finding the FNE that I MOST enjoy, have an entrance way into, and could physically perform. In other words I have many choices that I am excited about and could be extremely happy doing. Soooo I am a little frustrated... [Read more...]

Karen A

I have been looking through the mindset of the numbers in my caregiver job (my income mini-day). Working with my client”s mother, I have found ways to cut costs on supplies. She has been appreciative of my efforts to save her money. This initiates my leap into integration. I will need it when I narrow down my FNE and start a business. Through... [Read more...]

Level 2 Meeting

I just watched the 2nd meeting regarding the 10 Second Miracle. I have really put some focus on my Friday Night Essence and believe I may have found it. I feel motivated by it and look forward to working on it and think about it at all times of the day and feel I have downstream focus with this area. I love to write and this gives me great joy just... [Read more...]

Level 2 meeting

This meeting assisted my learning experience that leans toward my fne and integrating the10 second miracle. Being a value creator and integrating value creation through the 10.second miracle has opened my eyes to see a little clearer. I feel like i can see from outside the box. Today i go forward with this lesson that delivers who i am, im what i create. Thank... [Read more...]

My 10 second realization*

This lesson for me seemed to make sense of every changing moment Ive ever experienced in my lifetime. For years, i had no clue… although i was only a child, after my first “aha moment” i felt as if i had not been aware before. Almost as if I had no consciousness until I made my first realization. Well, this started to happen every... [Read more...]

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